We are a Graphic Design Studio based in Melbourne.

Back in 2015, Martin Cedes was presented with the challenge to create his own Graphic Design mini-studio. Born in Uruguay from an accountant and a stay-in mum with four children and a love for arts, his career in Advertising, Art Direction and Graphic Design grew quickly in the first 8 years until he decided to move to Melbourne. "Go big or go home!" and IMAGO was born.
IMAGO specialises in Branding, Photography and Retouching.
We believe that good ideas and good relationships come from collaboration.
Let's create something great together!
imago /ɪˈmeɪɡəʊ/
Origin: Latin use of imago meaning ‘image’.
1.Entomology: the final and fully developed adult stage
of an insect's metamorphosis, typically winged.
2. Psychoanalysis: an unconscious idealized mental image of someone,
especially a parent, which influences a person's behaviour
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