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Pepsi Bandplugged is a band contest that has been taking place for more than 10 years where young local musicians get the chance, every year, to show their talent to 5 of the most important critics and influencers of the local music scene.
In 2012, the band contest took an unexpected twist: Battle of the Bands,
where each contestant would challenge each other to the public's vote
for the chance to win a tickewt straight to the finals.

The website presented the duels where the fans were to vote for the bands they liked the most.
Bands not only had the opportunity to go straight to the finals
but they also had the chance to gain more fans promoting their bio,
fanpage, twitter account, MySpace, Youtube Channel, photos, lyrics, other videos, etc.
As the battles were random, users were motivated to spend
more time on the website to see their favourite band and give them their vote.
Also because the more time they spent and the more activity like votes and sharing of their likes
on social networs would reward them with titles like: rock star critic, and badges
that were automatically shared to their friends in the communities.
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